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1:1 Coaching with Kendra

Overview: Fulfillment Therapy specializes in building strong families through self-improvement. In a one hour session, I promise you a simple, customized personal growth plan to decrease stress within two weeks. Sign up for 1, or several at a lower rate. Each session gives you the most effective professional mental health & wellness tools to improve your personal & family life. This does not replace therapy.

Coaching is for those ready to change that need direction, accountability, and reliable help & resources. It is more directive & solution-focused than traditional therapy. We offer 4 calculated personal growth sessions, 4 strengthening marriage sessions, and 4 strengthening parenting sessions. Each session includes tools & weekly growth tracking.

Our prices are set at the current mental health session rates & offer even more value because of our additional research, resources, tools, & accountability that aren't generally offered in most therapy sessions. We also include game changing calculated growth tools so you'll walk away knowing exactly how much growth occurred & just how much a small session price can yield massive growth results. Put it to the test today and discover exponential benefits that will occur when you invest in yourself!

Pricing: $127 for 1 session or $480 for 4 sessions

Phone: (986) 910-5172

(986) 910-5172