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Does Your Personal & Family Life

Feel Overwhelming?

What if you could create balance for more connection & joy, and fill needs in life-changing ways?

It’s time to  shift from survival mode to happy, strategic living.


Hey there! I'm Kendra

A therapist and mother of four who understands the challenges of parenting firsthand. Through my journey, I've realized that prioritizing personal growth is key to being the best parent possible. When you start nurturing your needs and well-being (just like you do with your loved ones), you'll have more energy and less resentment, benefiting both you and your family.

In our quest to be perfect parents, we often overlook self-improvement and mental health, which affects home life. Drawing from years of experience helping clients and myself, I've developed Fulfillment Therapy. This innovative approach focuses on meeting personal and family needs, fostering greater joy, and unlocking our highest potential.

With Fulfillment Therapy, you'll transform your dream of a balanced, joyful life into a daily reality. It's time to embrace healthy self-care, uncover your unique strengths and passions, and make family life more fulfilling than you ever imagined.

I’m so excited to help you create greater fulfillment for you and your family!

April Meyers

"Kendra Nielson is truly exceptional! Her wealth of knowledge and incredible dedication shine through in every episode. The content is always jam packed with valuable insights, and Kendra's meticulous research makes each episode a rich source of information. The depth of understanding gained is truly worthwhile. Her women's retreat was a transformative experience! I walked away with clearer goals and a profound understanding of my aspirations. It was a refreshing and much-needed journey towards self-discovery."

McKenna Wadsworth

"LIFE CHANGING!! I am speechless!! I have listened to all the episodes in just a few days and in implementing just a few of her suggestions, my life is already more full of happiness, fulfillment, and JOY! I cannot recommend this podcast more! I plan to listen to them all over and over again!"

Emily Steadman

"Kendra is an amazing host on this life changing podcast! With so many options out there, she raises the bar on what to expect when trying to achieve some clarity on mental health. With real life experience plus professionalism, she knocks it out of the park!!"

Jessica Winder

"The January 2023 retreat was life-changing for me, truly. The content was in and of itself eye-opening, not to mention the depth that was gained. I still think of the things I learned and felt like it put me on a trajectory that has led to bettering and refining myself everyday since. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a kickstart to investing in yourself that will be the gift that keeps on giving."

Annie Hansen

"Kendra changed my life. Literally. I have dealt with anxiety issues my entire life but a few years ago all that changed when I met with Kendra as a coach for almost a year. She walked me through fears, helped me understand the root of them, gave me tools to cope with several issues. She showed me how to have joy in daily life and then how to find and live my dreams. You will LOVE this podcast no matter what your age or issues. Even if you think your life is just fine, she will help you elevate it to the next level and live the life you’ve always wanted. She’s real. She’s knowledgeable. She’s incredible!"

Rebecca Bell

"Kendra's podcast has been a game-changer for me! Her relatable stories and practical advice on assessing life's key areas hit home. From feeling reassured about my strengths to embracing manageable goals, her insights make self-improvement feel like an incredible journey rather than an overwhelming task."

Get clear on the exact steps to elevating personal growth & family relationships with ACCOUNTABILITY & SIMPLICITY

Step 1:

Elevate Personal Growth

Get Clear on Your Unmet Needs & How to Achieve Your Higher Potential

Step 2:

Step 2: Elevate Marriage

Improve Connection, Communication, and a Collaborative Vision

Step 3:

Elevate Parenting

Optimize Boundaries, Repairs, and Parenting Skills

Get clear on the exact steps to elevating personal growth & family relationships With ACCOUNTABILITY & SIMPLICITY

Step 1:

Elevate Personal Growth

Get Clear on Your Calling so You Can Start Your Online Business

Step 2:

Step 2: Elevate Marriage

Improve connection, communication, and a collaborative vision

Step 3:

Elevate Parenting

Optimize boundaries, repairs, and parenting styles


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